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Needle Felting Kits are a great way to begin or try out needle felting…

A lot of people who are new to felting don’t know where to start, and obviously don’t have any supplies, and getting started can be quite intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. Needle felting is one craft that you can try out relatively inexpensively to see if you like it before investing a lot of money. A felting kit is a great way to start. We have lots of kits for beginner felters and they all come with step by step instructions. They all come with the necessary wool included to make the kit. The only other tools you will need are a felting mat, a couple of basic needles, and a few tools you may already have in your craft room like scissors, an awl, glue, and a ruler. If you decide you like felting and want to pursue it as an art hobby, then you can begin to build up your supplies a little at a time, adding to your wool stash, and tool supplies. Here is one of our needle felting kits that was completed by Cherie Kissinger, who is very new to needle felting, and we think she did an amazing job! Cherie chose our Hamanaka Meerkat Kit # H441-569MC with English instructions to make for a friend who loves Meerkats. We are positive that Cherie’s gift was a big hit, and love that she shared her photos with us too. Thank you Cherie. 😊
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Needle Felting Kits are a great way to begin or try out needle felting…

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