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Tracy Douglass

An accomplished, award winning Arabian equestrian, born and raised in Sarasota, Fl., Tracy's parents traveled allover the world filling their house with global treasures and art. Her great grandmother was also a fairly well known artist in Connecticut, so art was always a large part of Tracy's life. Tracy is a mother to a son and daughter-in-law and grandmother of two wonderful grand kids. Tracy had an exciting career in television for almost 45 years as a weather broadcaster, talk show host, news presenter, and commercial actor. Unfortunately, during a trip to Panama, Tracy was held hostage at gun point and was left suffering from PTSD. Luckily, Tracy found needle felting to be a wonderful form of therapy for her PTSD, and her journey towards renewal, and uses her art to heal her mind and soul. Tracy loves using The Felted Desert's Felt Fast colorful wool and we LOVE Tracy's art, and know that you will too. If you would like to hear more of her story you can check out her website at, or click the button below... Can you spot Cindy the cat in the pics below? She is Tracy's felting buddy and needed to be included in the photos... 🐈

Tracy Douglass Artwork

Peter Rabbit

by Carol Bogue from the Sun City Felters Group

Janice Cass

Janice is an established Needle Felting animal sculptor in Northern California. She has been sculpting for almost 8yrs. Capturing a pets expressions and looks, is what her needle felt wool sculpting is all about. It’s a joy for her to hear from her customers after they’ve received their sculptured mini pets. This is especially true for those who have lost a dear furry family member. Many say they feel a comfort as they can now see and remember them. She makes her animals and fantasy sculptures from pictures sent to her. Others are made from sheer imagination. She uses no patterns, just her felt and needles…and lots of patience and love. Janice uses wire armature, fine wool fibers, glass eyes and clay noses to give life to her sculptures. Some of her favorite wool for curls are Japanese Hamanaka “curly” wool from The Felted Desert.  "I separate the wool and it leaves me with perfect wool curls for my poodles and lambs. I also use it for under curl, for my animals that just need a little texture. The Hamanaka Merino wool also from The Felted Desert, is the perfect texture for so many of my other animals and their clothing." Janice has a shop on Etsy where she sells her sculptures and art called InjanusArts

Janice's Artwork using our Hamanaka Curly Wool...

Beautiful Dogs

Curly Poodles

Playful Puppies

Customer's Pets

Cute Sheep

It all starts with armatures and core wool...

Susan Parsons Scottsdale, AZ

Susan has only been needle felting for about one year, but really loves it, and makes lots of gifts for family and friends. She was asked by the Chef at The Club they dine at, to make felted food displays for the diners, and they are fabulous! Susan has now shared her love of felting with her 10 year old niece Jenna, who is an equally talented artist.

Susan's Art using our Felt Fast Wool...

Sushi at The Club

Requested by the Chef- on display for diners

Hawaiian BBQ

On display at The Club

The Skateboarder

A Gift for a Baby Boy

Gecko to go with a Book

Making coordinate book characters for gifts

Artist- Tracy Laasch

Our store owner Tracy Laasch is a mixed media/needle felting sculpture artist in Phoenix, Arizona where her sculptural fiber art is sold & collected by art lovers across the U.S. Her sculptures are exhibited and sold in multiple galleries in the Scottsdale, Phoenix, and surrounding areas, and yearly in November through The Hidden In The Hills Studio Art Tour in Carefree/Cave Creek Arizona, which is the largest art tour in the Southwest U.S. As an artist, Tracy explored many art forms throughout her life, but found her passion with needle felting, and it was love at first stab. Creating whimsical, lovable, story book style, animals that tell their tales in 3-D form, are the hallmark’s of Tracy’s endearing, art sculptures. Her sculptures feature playful, anthropomorphic animals that are reminiscent of the sweet characters she read about in children’s books as a child. Created entirely by hand using armature wire, fine quality wool, barbed needles, and occasionally sculpting clay and/or vintage found objects used in an unconventional way, the sculptures are brought to life as extremely detailed works of art. Each completed sculpture is finished off with her signature artist tag, a hidden butterfly, and accompanied by a certificate of authenticity. Tracy ’s favorite part though, is watching the smiles and laughs on people’s faces when they see her sculptures, and hearing about the fond memories that they bring to people when they see them. 

Samples of artwork by Tracy Laasch using all of our wool products...

Retrieving Alpacages

Sharing The Love of Art

Stargazing In The Desert

Fishing Buddies

Hey...Get Your Ass off My Scale

“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.”

– -Pablo Picasso

“Every artist was first an amateur.”

– – Ralph Waldo Emerson