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Making changes to a kit to create a sweet memorial to Red the Pomeranian...

After her boyfriend lost his Pomeranian named Red, Cynthia decided to honor him with a sweet memorial of his beloved pet. After looking around she chose our Hamanaka Pomeranian Dog kit to recreate his fur love, but knew she needed to make some changes as his dog was not the blonde Pomeranian depicted in the kit, but a lovely dark red. Cynthia called me and we discussed the situation and I told her that she could purchase a bag of our Hamanaka "Mix" Merino Red Brown, and use that in place of the tan brown color that typically comes in the kit, as they are made by the same company and would blend well together, and it was much closer to the color that she was looking for. Having never felted before, this was a challenging project, but I think Cynthia did an amazing job on her first needle felted dog. She captured her personality and her sweet heart shaped face, and her boyfriend was absolutely thrilled with her touching gift. We just love felted Red! ❤️

Cynthia shows us that you don't have to create the kits exactly as they come- feel free to make adjustments to change them up a little to make them your own. Be creative- if you need to change a color or add a small feature to really capture the essence of a particular animal when re-creating a real pet, you are allowed to step outside the box/kit. It's YOUR project! We can't wait to see what Cynthia does next... 

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Making changes to a kit to create a sweet memorial to Red the Pomeranian...

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