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Using "props" to elevate your needle felted sculptures...

Looking for new ways to display your needle felted 3-D characters? There are many ways to be creative when finding ways to display your felted 3-D animals and characters. One of my favorite ways is with the use of "props". I have always loved treasure hunting at the local vintage markets and thrift shops and they are a great source foe finding props to use in your felted sculptures to elevate them and bring them to life. There are many things that can be used as props from conventional items such as a cool piece of wood, small chairs and tables, small wagons, little bicycles, vintage tabletop gumball machines, vintage wooden blocks, etc... But then, there are other items that need a little more imagination to make them work, such as a vintage creel fishing basket, an old pencil sharpener, or a vintage velvet equestrian helmet, but they make wonderful props if you are willing to think outside the "box", and those items can make an ordinary sculpture become an extra-ordinary sculpture! Those are the items that I look for when I shop for my props. I keep my eyes and my mind open for fun, out of the ordinary things that can be used in a different way. Sometimes I will purchase an item just because I find it interesting, and I buy it even if I have no idea at the time what I'm going to do with it. I take it home, and set it on my props shelf, and just wait for it to speak to me and let me know what it wants to be, and how to bring it to life. So next time you are out at a garage sale, a thrift shop, or a vintage market, keep an eye out and see what you can find that might make a great prop for your next needle felted sculpture, and don't forget to share them with us. We would LOVE to see what you make! ❤️.



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Using "props" to elevate your needle felted sculptures...

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