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Needle Felting With The Right Tools....

So you've seen or heard about needle felting, but have no clue how to get started...? Well, at The Felted Desert we are here to point you in the right direction and help you get going. First, you will need the basic tools which include felting needles, a good felting mat/pad, core wool, carded batts, and/or tops/roving wool (depending on your project). You may also need armature wire, eyes, nose, and or whiskers, claws, and a few select hand tools, for a full list download our Needle Felting Tools Supply List here, and then watch our video below. It's best to decide what your project will be before you start, so you can purchase all the right things and not waste money on things that just won't work for you. To help you, we have created a free video called "Needle Felting- The Right Tools for the Right Project." You can find it on our Videos/Tutorials page. If you have any questions on choosing the right tools please contact us...

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Needle Felting With The Right Tools....

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